Gash concentrates on using primarily low-resolution equipment and 

materials, partly because its cheap but mainly because Gash enjoys playing with punk aesthetics, which complements the context. 

Heavily influenced by  feminist theory, Gash set's out to allude   gender  performativity, 

using Gash's own reality as influence. 


Gash creates characters that are executed in the mediums of; 



sculpture and


Gash's work stems from concerns surrounding 

contemporary  consciousness,


highlighting and humouring aspects of

the everyday,

the body and

social formalities.  

And by creating these fantastical realties, using both humour and absurdity, Gash delivers a satirical perspective on behaviour which Gash finds ridiculous or plain silly.

based in Vienna/London


BA: Fine Art Sculpture - Wimbledon College of Art 


Stage Design - Unviersity of Applied Arts Vienna   

Performance Art - The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna 

THE LOSER SHOW, paulusgasse 12, 2020


Mirage 3, Viertel2 and Kargl Permanent, 2019

Gutenburg Bible, Therapy Press, 2019

Volkskundemusuem, with Charlotta Oberg, 2019

Fucking Orange show, pop up space, Vienna, 2018

The Peephole, with Anja Kohlweiss, Hamburg, 2018

Kunstlerhaus Kino, Femmefest, Vienna 2018

21er Haus, performing at finnisage of Franz West Artist Club

21er Haus, Vienna, 2016

IN OUT Festival, Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdańsk, 2015

Künstlerhaus Wien - Vienna, 2015

the MASC Foundation, Vienna, 2015

Stefanie Seibold, performance: “Clever Gretel”, Kunsthalle, Innsbruck, Yvonne Lambert Gallery, Berlin, 2018, and 21er Haus, 2019


Carola Dertnig, performance: “Money, Money”, MAK Museum Wien, 2018

Insanity, BOZAR, collaboration with Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, 2017

Hummelmen, Birmingham Weekender, collaboration with Mette Sterre 2017

Monster Chetwynd, performance ‘Here She Comes’,

world record attempt. Women of the worlds Festival, London 2016


The Idol, collaboration with Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, Barking Leisure Centre, London, 2014,